Subscription Info

How subscriptions work

HUD is free to grab from inworld location here

The Minnow & Mint Event box is released monthly on the 15th and runs til the last day of that month. You have from the 1st of the month til the 14th of the month to pay the initial 200L peek price to gain access to seeing what will be available in the box. If you have not paid your 200L subscription fee for that month you will not gain access to box until after that last day of the month in which you will have to buy the full box for the price of 5000L.

If the initial fee is paid, you will have access to buying a subscription level 1,2 or 3

You will have the ability to buy a higher subscription level which the event box is active for that month. Meaning if you bought level 1 initially you will be able to buy subscription level 3 at any point before the month ends.


Subscription Levels

Level 1 – 500L allows you to take 1 item from box

Level 2- 1000L allows you to take 3 items from box

Level 3 – 1500L gives you access to all items in box


Subscriptions can not be gifted nor can items be gifted

200L peek price goes toward subscription level

500L becomes 300L extra you would pay for subscription level

1000L becomes 800L etc